Auditing and Consulting Services

Auditing Services: Why Audit?

An effective telecommunications plan begins with a clear baseline. As technology in the telecommunications industry continues to improve, costs for these services continue to decrease. RDS Solutions provides audits to create an inventory of services and to gain the most value for you, our customers. The inventory is continually updated to eliminate the need for repeat audits on existing services. RDS believes in keeping a constant focus on your telecom needs and provides scheduled reviews to provide you with a clear, real-time view of your services.

Biggest Benefits to RDS Telecom Audit Services

  • Potentially identify thousands of dollars of savings
  • “Right size” your telecom services to match your usage
  • Save hundreds of hours compared to trying to do this in-house

Consulting Services: Take Advantage of 60 Years of Combined Experience

No two customers are the same. We believe we need to understand your business in order to recommend the best solution. RDS has relationships with every major telecommunications carrier, so we can provide our customers with transparent, unbiased access to their products and services. Successful engagements include carrier network design, migrations from TDM voice service to SIP, design of complete DR strategy, and more.

Biggest Benefits to RDS Consulting Services

  • Network design completed by in-house engineering team
  • Get exactly what your business needs – nothing more and nothing less
  • Our carrier agnostic approach offers you the best of all worlds