Enhanced Management Services

The RDS Enhanced Management Services give you a full telecommunications management solution. With RDS EMS you’ve got one place to go for:

  • Inventory Compilation and Management via One View
  • Historical Overcharge and Recovery: an analysis done to begin the relationship
  • On-going Operational Efficiency Review and Spend Analysis
  • Moves, Adds, Changes, Deletions (MACD) Management
  • Trouble Management
  • Contract Management
  • Invoice Management

RDS | One View

RDS’s One View web portal allows you to have real-time access to all your telecommunications services managed through RDS. When you become an RDS EMS customer your services and contracts are entered into One View. The EMS staff uses One View to track moves, adds, changes, deletions (MACD) or tickets placed on your behalf. One View is updated with new information as it comes in, so you have up-to-the-minute information about all your services. Additionally, your Account Manager can train your staff to use One View allowing you to update One View as needed. Need one place to keep all your contracts, set reminders about their expiration and keep account information organized and easy to retrieve? RDS has the solution: One View.

RDS | One Call

RDS’s One Call can make RDS your single point of contact for all telecommunications service issues. For the small company that does not have a team to maintain its services day-to-day RDS can act as the IT management department. For the large company with a full professional IT team, RDS act as a point of escalation or resource for the tedious and mundane. Regardless of your size, when a problem occurs with your voice and data services our professionals can locate the source of the breakdown and make sure the correct vendor fixes the problem efficiently and effectively. Need someone “on the inside” who can cut through the red tape of dealing with your carriers and get the job done? Don’t make several calls to several different carriers – just make One Call.

Biggest Benefits of RDS Enhanced Management Services

  • Single point of contact for all telecommunications services
  • Web-based telecommunications inventory portal for all services
  • Improve the service you get from your carriers by not dealing with them at all – Let RDS deal with them for you!