Cloud and Datacenters

Cloud Services: Lifting Your Business to Better Functionality

As technology continues to shift from premise-based to Cloud-based services, having the right partner to guide you through the different options has become essential. At RDS, we will determine precisely which services best suit your business and help you develop and implement the most effective Cloud strategy possible.

Biggest Benefits to RDS Cloud Services

  • Improved delivery times for infrastructure services
  • Scalable to grow with your business
  • Increased connectivity between multiple sites
  • Advanced features that supercharge your productivity
  • Greater cost savings and efficiencies

Datacenter Specialists

What makes RDS different for datacenter services?

For starters, we only partner with the best datacenter providers that meet our strict requirements. These companies set the standard for secure and reliable colocation services. They are newer facilities with secure physical access, infrastructure flexibility, robust power and network-rich connectivity. Uptime availability is of critical importance and our partners have the most reliable datacenters in the industry.

Most datacenter/colocation searches begin with meeting basic space and geographic requirements. We start here too, but we take it so much further. For example, we use fiber maps to locate all connectivity options and telecommunications providers in the region. Other critical metrics include percentage of occupancy, power costs, uptime statistics, pending construction, peering relationships as well as numerous other criteria. From here, we are able to populate proprietary tools to locate and help design your datacenter. The market is shifting toward energy efficient (“green”) utilization of power within today’s high density datacenters. We’re familiar with the latest innovations and methodologies available for power delivery and measuring the efficiency of its usage. As an independent datacenter expert, we act as your broker where our only interest is finding the right Datacenter and Colocation space for you, our client.

Biggest benefits to RDS Datacenters

  • We only work with the most advanced and secure data centers available
  • Our sophisticated fiber maps identify the best options for you
  • Energy efficient options available